A unique way to secure a talented and experienced advisory board for your business, but without the hassles.

Instead of hiring a recruitment firm or undertaking your own executive search for individuals to form your board, you can hand pick from our team who are ready to assist.

Instead of having to negotiate commercial terms with each member of the board, you simply pay a fixed price on an annual or monthly basis.

Additionally, it’s 100% flexible so you can call upon anyone from our team, ensuring you always have the right people in your meetings and get the best advice.

With decades of commercial experience in building companies from inception to IPO, our highly accomplished industry leaders provide advice, guidance and support to help your business achieve its goals.

A lead advisor is provided to each client company to work through all tactical aspects of the engagement, and the advisory board is called upon 5 times a year to have higher level strategic discussions.

The board is flexible and can adjust to your needs as you grow, and you can rest assured that the right people are always in the room helping you and your senior executive team make the smartest business decisions.

Come with challenges, leave with solutions.

The agenda is always set by the client with the help of the lead advisor in order to maximise the value generated from bringing such experienced individuals together.

The topics submitted by the clients varies from meeting to meeting, and a structured process is used to table various issues and provide you with the most pertinent answers. 

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